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Preset VECELL 6-well, 24-well

VECELL® 3D Cell Culture

Normal cells in the human body experience a three-dimensional environment, completely surrounded by other cells, membranes, fibrous layers and adhesion proteins. Living tissues and cells reside in a complex 3-D microenvironment formed by other cells and extracellular matrix. VECELL® 3D Cell Culture Dish is designed to reflect normal cell morphology & behavior for more realistic cell biology and function, in vivo-like morphology, and better intercellular interactions.

Membrane Structure of VECELL®

Fibril 2 - 10 µm
Fibril Length 50 - 200 µm
Membrane Thickness 50 - 70 µm
Porosity 80 - 90 %

Permeability of VECELL®

The Permeable membrane that resembles in vivo conditions allows free movement of medium, and can be applied for drug metabolism test.

Convenient and ready to use

The membrane of VECELL® is already coated with ECM (collagen). Cells can be inoculated directly into the sterile Preset VECELL®.

Difference between normal plastic dish and VECELL® membrane culture dish

Culturing cells on flat plastic dish results in artificial 2-dimensional sheets of cells due to the strong interactions between cells and plastic dish surfaces. The experiments in vitro on monolayer of cells on plastic substrates may not reflect faithfully important aspects of cell behavior in vivo. Cells on VECELL® that resembles in vivo conditions creates a cell culture model that more closely reflects normal cell morphology and behavior to meet researchers' 3D cell culture requirements in such fields as toxicology, drug development, cancer and stem cell research, development and morphogenesis and tissue and organ engineering.

Different cell proliferation HepG3 cells cultured for 1 day

Cell proliferation on VECELL® (right) shows natural 3D morphology. Cultured cells on normal plastic dish (left) spread on the surface due to the strong interaction between the solid surface and cells.

Cross sectional views (HE stain) of Caco-2 cell culture on VECELL®

Adhered cells made a cell layer after 26 days culture.

Long period stability of L929 cell culture

The viability of L929 cells on polystyrene dish significantly decreased after 9 days, whereas the cells on VECELL® were viable even after 11 days.

ALP staining, Mouse ES C3Hfc-1 cultured for 7 days

Mouse ES Cells differentiated on gelatin coated dish, whereas undifferentiated cells were cultured on VECELL®


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