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Thin collagen gel membrane / A novel 3D cell culture substrate


  • Simple 3D cell culture with enhanced visibility and durability
  • High permeability for wide range of molecules from low molecules to large sized-proteins
  • Double sided cell culture for cell-cell interaction analysis

Endothelial-mesenchymal model



Upper side of the membrane: Human microvascular endothelial cells (labelled with calcein: Green)

Lower side of the membrane: Dermal fibroblasts (labelled with PKH26: Red)

At day 1 of double-side cell culture

Bar: 100 µm

Reference: T. Takezawa et al. Collagen vitrigel: a novel scaffold that can facilitate a three-dimensional culture for reconstructing organoids. Cell Transplant. 13(4) 463-73, 2004.

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