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Inactive Kinases / Inactive Mutant Kinases

Carna Biosciences offers protein substrates that can be used for kinase assays. The kinase gene cloned in-house was introduced into E. coli and expressed. Some products listed below are also utilized for our profiling services.

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A production for bulk amount is available upon an order.

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Product Cat.No. Storage Quantity Price(US$)  
Erk2(MAPK1)[inactive mutant], Length: Full-length 04-143-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
Erk2(MAPK1)[inactive], Length: Full-length 04-143-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
Erk5(MAPK7)[inactive mutant], Length: Catalytic domain 04-145-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
Erk5(MAPK7)[inactive], Length: Catalytic domain 04-146-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
JNK1(MAPK8)[inactive mutant], Length: Catalytic domain 04-163-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
JNK1(MAPK8)[inactive], Length: Catalytic domain 04-163-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
JNK2(MAPK9)[inactive], Length: Catalytic domain 04-164-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K1[inactive mutant], Length: Full-length 07-109-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K1[inactive], Length: Full-length 07-141-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K6[inactive mutant], Length: Full-length 07-146-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K6[inactive], Length: Full-length 07-146-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K7[inactive mutant], Length: Full-length 07-110-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
MAP2K7[inactive], Length: Full-length 07-147-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
p38α(MAPK14)[inactive mutant], Length: Truncated protein 04-152-11 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire
p38α(MAPK14)[inactive], Length: Truncated protein 04-152-10 -80°C 50 µg N/A Inquire