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Ethidium Bromide Solution (0.44 mg/ml), Dropper bottle

Agarose gel electrophoresis

Ethidium Bromide Solution (0.44 mg/ml) is provided in a convenient dropper bottle. A final working cencentration of 0.5 µg/ml is easily obtained by adding 1 drop of solution to 40 ml of staining solution, running buffer or agarose gel.

Concentration of Ethidium BromidePreparative solutionEthidium Bromide Solution
(0.44 mg/ml)
0.1 µg/ml 200 ml 1 drop
0.2 µg/ml 100 ml 1 drop
0.5 µg/ml 40 ml 1 drop

- Approx. 45 µl per one drop.
- Adjust the concentration if necessary.

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