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Product NameAlternative NameCAS. No.Cat. No.Description
CX-5461 CX5461 1138549-36-6 NU3031 CX-5461 is an inhibitor of rRNA synthesis, selectively inhibits Pol I-driven transcription of rRNA with IC50 of 142 nM, has no effect on Pol II, and possesses 250- to 300-fold selectivity for inhibition of rRNA transcription versus DNA replication and protein translation.

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CX-5461 NU3031-001 1138549-36-6 4°C 1 mg 90.00 Buy
CX-5461 NU3031-005 1138549-36-6 4°C 5 mg 160.00 Buy
CX-5461 NU3031-010 1138549-36-6 4°C 10 mg 250.00 Buy
CX-5461 NU3031-050 1138549-36-6 4°C 50 mg 790.00 Buy
CX-5461 NU3031-100 1138549-36-6 4°C 100 mg 1,290.00 Buy