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Peel-Off Cell Culture Flask for Easy Cell Retrieval

Sterile polystyrene flask with filtered cap is commonly used for cell culture to minimize risk of contamination, however, retrieving cells through the neck of cell culture flask is cumbersome task. EZ-Open Top FLASK with a peel-off cover allows direct access to the culture stocks.

Made-to-order; 3 months lead time 


  • Peel-Off cover allows easy access to the culture surface.
  • High quality polystyrene canted-neck flask is tissue culture treated using corona discharge.
  • Filtered screw cap contains 2.0 µm hydrophobic membrane.
  • Peel-Off cover is made of toxin-free PET/PE material.
  • Leak-proof with strong heat welding.

Ordering Information

Product Cat.No. Capacity Working Vol. Storage PKG Size Price(US$)  
EZ-Open Top FLASK 25 (Surface Area: 25 cm²) 3173-025 70 ml 5 - 7.5 ml Room Temp. 20 250.00 Buy
EZ-Open Top FLASK 75 (Surface Area: 75 cm²) 3193-075 270 ml 15 - 22.5 ml Room Temp. 20 370.00 Buy
EZ-Open Top FLASK 150 (Surface Area: 150 cm²) 3183-150 600 ml 30 - 45 ml Room Temp. 20 410.00 Buy

Made-to-order; 3 months lead time