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StemBeads® Activin-A

StemBeads® Activin-A is the newest member of the StemBead® family. StemBeads® Activin-A offers a more efficient, cost effective way to grow Activin-A dependent cell cultures. Activin-A can be use to maintain pluripotent stem cells as well differentiate them to different lineages such as endoderm. Unlike soluble Activin-A that degrades after 12 hours in culture media, StemBeads® Activin-A releases a constant rate of Activin-A into the culture media over 5 days creating a more stable environment allowing for:

  • Fewer media changes (as little as one media change in 5 days)
  • Significant savings compared to soluble Activin-A
  • Significant savings on labor and media
  • Easy to use: just add to your media of choice

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