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NADH Oxidase



Bacillus licheniformis


NADH + H+ + O2 → NAD+ + H2O2


Yellow amorphous powder.


More than 50 units/mg protein.

Unit definition

One unit is the amount of enzyme required to oxidize 1 µmol of NADH per minute at pH 7.0 at 30°C.


Sometimes, trace amount of catalase might be detected. Therefore, the addition of 10 mM NaN3 into the reaction mixture is recommended when the complete elimination of catalase is needed.


Stable for one year when stored below 5°C and also stable at room temperature for at least one week. For prolonged storage, keep at -20°C.


Molecular weight --- Approx. 240,000 Da
Optimum pH --- 6.5 ~ 7.5
Optimum temperature --- 45°C
pH stability --- 7.0 ~ 8.5
Thermal stability --- below 30°C (pH 7.5, 10 min)and below 40°C (in the coexistence of 0.1% bovine serum albumin,pH 7.5, 10 min)
Michaelis constant --- 3.2x10-5 M ( NADH )
6.7x10-6 M ( FAD )
Substrate specificity --- In the absence of added FAD both NADH and NADPH are oxidized equally, but by the addition of FAD ( about 30 µM ) to reaction mixture the reaction velocity to NADH is accelerated about 20 ~ 30 times in contrast to 2 ~ 3 times of NADPH. Accordingly, the substrate specificity of NADH is about 10 times larger than that of NADPH in the presence of added FAD.

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