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Ampdirect ® Plus

Real Direct PCR Buffer

Ampdirect ® Plus is a novel PCR buffer that effectively neutralizes DNA polymerase inhibitors present in tissues or body fluids from plants or animals, and allows direct PCR amplification from as little as 0.5 µl of samples.


  • Direct PCR amplification from tissues or body fluids (including blood) from plants or animals
  • No DNA extraction required
  • Minimizes the risk of sample cross contamination
  • Requires small volume of blood (0.5 - 1 µl)
  • Compatible with various anticoagulants (including sodium citrate, dipotassium EDTA and sodium heparinate)
  • Compatible with blood stored frozen for long periods
  • Ideal for genotyping and genetic screening experiments

*Ampdirect ® Plus is produced by SHIMADZU BIOTECH in JAPAN.


Application 1

Direct PCR of 5 Genes from 23 Different Human Blood Samples

  • PCR: 23 different human blood samples (1µL sample volumes treated with EDTA was added to 50 µl of Ampdirect ® Plus mixture)
  • Lane M: Molecular size marker

Application 2

Direct PCR from fresh and frozen blood

  • Target: Human beta-globin gene
  • PCR: 5 µl (lane 1), 2.5 µl (lane 2), 1.25 µl (lane 3), 0.63 µl (lane 4) and 0 µl (lane N) of human blood / 50 µl of Ampdirect mixture
  • Molecular size marker: ΦX174 RF DNA digested with HincII (lane M)

Technical Information

Ampdirect® Plus Procedure (PDF)

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