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MSACL 2018, booth No. 23


We are attending MSACL 2018 takes place January 21 - 25 at the Palm Springs Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center.

Please stop by booth #23 and poster #38A as well.

Complex Mixture Analysis by Bromobenzyl (PBr) Compare to Fluorophenyl (PFP) Core-Shell HPLC Columns

The ability for BromoBenzyl (PBr) and FluoroPhenyl (PFP) HPLC columns to retain polar molecules in reversed-phase condition allows them to provide orthogonal selectivity comparing to C18. We provide a direct experimental data showing their selectivity differences. In addition, we show the PBr core-shell HPLC column’s strength in analyzing a complex mixture of polar and non-polar standard molecules. Another example of PBr for mixture analysis was show with a baseline separation of 11 cannabinoids in under 14 minutes in isocratic MS-compatible condition. This includes the separation of isobaric compounds of Δ9-THC from Δ8-THC.

posted 01/09/2018 14:06