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Product NameAlternative NameCAS. No.Cat. No.Description
(+)-JQ1   1268524-70-4 NU3004 (+)-JQ1 is a potent, high affinity, selective BET bromodomain inhibitor (IC50 values of 17.7, 32.6, 76.9 and 12942 nM respectively for BRD2 (N-terminal (N)), BRD4 (C-terminal (C)), BRD4 (N) and CREBBP respectively.
PF-06405761 PF06405761 1403764-72-6 NU3009 PF-06405761 is a selective BET (bromodomain-containing protein) inhibitor for BRD4 with an IC50 of 0.22 uM.
SP2509 SP-2509 1423715-09-6 NU1212 LSD1 is a promising target for cancer therapy. Epigenetic control of histone methylation is frequently associated with oncogenesis and LSD1 is overexpressed in many types of cancer. siRNA knockdown of LSD1 has been shown to suppress growth of cancer cells. SP2509 is a selective and reversible LSD1 inhibitor with an IC50 of 10nM. SP2509 demonstrates a high specificity for LSD1, with no effect on MAOi.

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(+)-JQ1 NU3004-001 1268524-70-4 4°C 1 mg 125.00 Buy
(+)-JQ1 NU3004-005 1268524-70-4 4°C 5 mg 210.00 Buy
(+)-JQ1 NU3004-010 1268524-70-4 4°C 10 mg 365.00 Buy
(+)-JQ1 NU3004-050 1268524-70-4 4°C 50 mg 1,045.00 Buy
(+)-JQ1 NU3004-100 1268524-70-4 4°C 100 mg 1,705.00 Buy
PF-06405761 (PF06405761) NU3009-001 1403764-72-6 4°C 1 mg 90.00 Buy
PF-06405761 (PF06405761) NU3009-005 1403764-72-6 4°C 5 mg 140.00 Buy
PF-06405761 (PF06405761) NU3009-010 1403764-72-6 4°C 10 mg 155.00 Buy
PF-06405761 (PF06405761) NU3009-050 1403764-72-6 4°C 50 mg 450.00 Buy
PF-06405761 (PF06405761) NU3009-100 1403764-72-6 4°C 100 mg 825.00 Buy
SP2509 NU1212-001 1423715-09-6 4°C 1 mg 120.00 Buy
SP2509 NU1212-005 1423715-09-6 4°C 5 mg 250.00 Buy
SP2509 NU1212-010 1423715-09-6 4°C 10 mg 390.00 Buy
SP2509 NU1212-050 1423715-09-6 4°C 50 mg 1,250.00 Buy
SP2509 NU1212-100 1423715-09-6 4°C 100 mg 1,950.00 Buy