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FG beads - Azide / Alkyne beads

The immobilization of the ligand by the click chemistry

Compounds or proteins  with azide or alkyne groups are immobilized on FG azide or alkyne beads easily by using a click chemistry reaction. 

                                                  Product information

Storage temperature 4℃ (2-8℃), Don't freezet
Storage buffer ultrapure water
Magnetization superparamagnetism(>10 emu/g)
Size of beads 180 nm±30 nm
Concentration 20 mg/ml
Functional groups Azide groups
Amounts of the functional groups 70-120 nmol/mg

Application; Target fishing

Affinity purification of target protein, DHRF (Dihydrofolate reductase), of MTX (methotrexate) with FG Azide and Alkyne beads.


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FG beads
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Azide beads TAS8848N1160 4°C 5 mg 400.00 Buy
Alkyne beads TAS8848N1161 4°C 5 mg 400.00 Buy