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Empty Racks

Refill racks with a new plate for tips, a more hygenic and convenient solution than refilling the rack by hand (one tip at a time). Using the attached lids decreases the risk of contamination. Refill racks are environmentally friendly since they are made from recyclable paper.

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Product Cat.No. Size Price(US$)  
Empty Racks for ECO PACK (10 ul) 1298-254RA 10racks/unit 52.00 Buy
Empty Racks for ECO PACK (200 ul) 1298-755RA 10racks/unit 56.00 Buy
Empty Racks for ECO PACK (1000 ul) 1298-757RA 5racks/unit 31.00 Buy
NEXTY Rack (M) 1298-NTM Each 39.00 Buy
NEXTY Rack (S) 1298-NTS Each 34.00 Buy