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About TACPack

TACPack ® is a reliable temperature controlled packaging system that keeps temperature-sensitive products within a safe temperature range during transportation by combining an insulated box and Phase Change Materials (PCMs). Our highly customizable temperature controlled packaging is all manufactured in our own factory located in Hokkaido Japan. We offer one of the widest ranges for maintaining temperatures: between -50 ~ +37oC, and the insulated box can be sized from use for a vial to pallet use. Our packages are widely approved for its strict temperature control amd the quality in serving major pharmaceutical companies, logistics companies, academia, and more.

How TACPack Works

TACPack maintains load temperature by combining an insulated box and PCMs. The insulated box reduces heat transfer from the outside and PCMs absorb/release thermal energy during its phase changing process. Maintaining load temperatures can be adjusted at your discretion by choosing the right PCMs that have melting points suitable for your desired temperature. We have 5 types of standard TACPack series and they maintain the load : below -40oC / below -20oC / 2 ~ 8oC / 15 ~ 25oC / ~ +37oC. We are also capable to produce packaging that maintains the load at different temperatures between -50oC ~ +37oC.

Example of TACPack Performance

TACPack0208F :
Maintain the load temperature between +2oC ~+8oC over 74 hours under +30oC ambient temperature.

TACPack Product Lineup

This series of products is for standard temperature controlled shipping.

  • TACPack -40 Series (below -40oC)
  • TACPack -20 Series (below -20oC)
  • TACPack 0208 Series (+2 ∼ +8oC)
  • TACPack 1525 Series (+15 ∼ +25oC)
  • TACPack 37 Series (+35 ∼ +38oC)

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