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prevelex® AP1 coated products

ADVANCED LOW ADHESION COATING FOR BIOMATERIALS / For superior storage and analysis of protein and virus samples

prevelex® AP1 is a hydrophilic poly-ionic complex polymer that can be coated on a variety of labware to reduce the adsorption of biomaterials.

Plastic labware is often used in drug screening and proteomics analysis. Sample handling and high quality plastic labware for analysis and storage is very important for accuracy in these situations. Since proteins are highly diluted, non-specific adsorption on plastic labware is a serious problem and often leads to sample loss. To solve this problem, we recommend to use prevelex® coated products.


Anti-adsorption of HRP-labeled anti-mouse IgG

HRP-labeled anti-mouse IgG solution (0.5 ng/mL) was put in 1.5 mL microtubes and left for 30 minutes at room temperature. HRP-IgG adsorbed on the surface reacted with the enzyme after removal and wash of the solution, and the amount adsorbed was measured.

As a result, the prevelex® AP1 coated tube showed lower adsorption properties compared to the competitor’s tubes, with 90% of IgG adsorption suppressed compared to the non-coated tubes. Inhibition of aggregation can be confirmed depending on the type of antibody and experimental conditions.


Anti-adsorption of Sendai Virus

A Sendai Virus solution (1.25 × 106 units/mL) was put in 1.5 mL microtubes and left for 24 hours at room temperature. The Sendai Virus adsorbed on the surface was measured by ELISA.

As a result, the prevelex® AP1 coated tube showed low adsorption properties, with adsorption amounts less than 1/5 of the non-coated tubes. This property was maintained even after long-term freezing.


The impact of surfactant on the role of prevelex® AP1 coating in decreasing adsorption of rAAV1

Surfactant-free rAAV1 (5.82 × 1012 VG/mL) was diluted using three different concentrations of Pluronic F-68 in PBS. These surfactant solutions were prepared by a serial dilution of a 1% (w/v) stock solution of Pluronic F-68 in PBS. Then, samples were used for VG quantification by

qPCR analysis, to compare prevelex® AP1-coated and non-coated tools.

Finally, we subjected the coating material to higher concentrations of the surfactant; the prevelex® AP1 coating still significantly reduced the rAAV1 adsorption.

VG; vector genome.



Salama Ramy and Susumu Uchiyama et al., Reduction of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Adsorption on Solid Surfaces by Polyionic Hydrophilic Complex Coating., Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 111 (2022), p663-671.

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