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For mass cell culture / Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) microcarriers

  • High cell proliferation rate
  • Quality management in accordance with medical standards
  • Ease of handling

High cell proliferation rate

The microcarriers have higher cell proliferation capability than competitors

It can be applied to the culture of therapeutic cells such as MSCs.


Quality management in accordance with medical standards

Strict quality management and no risk of contamination due to the material features

Ease of handling

Easy to harvest and observe cells. Improving efficiency of mass cell production prcesses.

Ordering Information

Product Cat.No. Storage PKG Size Price(US$)  
PVA Microcarriers (#M11018SAC1-01GB) M11018-1 Room Temp. 1 g - Inquire
PVA Microcarriers (#M11018SAC1-05GB) M11018-5 Room Temp. 5 g - Inquire
PVA Microcarriers (#M11018SAC1-10GB) M11018-10 Room Temp. 10 g - Inquire