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Magnetic Stand

For magnetic separation

These stands are used for magnetic separation of the nano magnetic particles. Please choose the product in accordance with the operation to liquid volume.

  • Allows faster magnetic separation than the products of other companies.
  • Allows work to be carried out while cooling the samples.
  • Ideal for magnetic separation when performing protein screening manually using our company's FG beads®

Holds : 8 ×1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes

Dimentions : W170×D40×H46


Holds : 2× 50 mL tubes

Dimentions : W135×D41×H103


Holds : 2×15 mL tubes

Dimentions : W135×D41×H103

 Holds : 16×PCR tubes

Dimentions : W75×D30×H25

Application Data

  • Quick cooling down
    The magnetic stand made of metal can quickly cool down samples on ice. So you can experiment without protein denaturation

    Quick cooling down

  • High Speed Separation
    The magnetic stand separate matignetic nanoparticles in shorter time than competitors because shape and placement of magnets are well designed.

    High Speed Separation

Ordering Information

Magnetic Stand
Product Storage Cat.No. PKG Size Price  
Magnetic Stand (for 1.5 ml tube, 8 samples) Room Temp. TAB4899N12 1 ea 1,393.00 Buy
Magnetic Stand (for 15 ml tube, 2 samples) Room Temp. TAB4899N20 1 ea 1,741.00 Buy
Magnetic Stand (for 50 ml tube, 2 samples) Room Temp. TAB4899N30 1 ea 1,741.00 Buy
Magnetic Stand (for PCR tube, 16 samples) Room Temp. TAB4899N41 1 ea 627.00 Buy