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Collagen Type I Coated Plate & Dish

ECM coated products / Collagen Type I coated products

By coating polystyrene and glass culture vessels with a thin layer of various extracellular matrix (ECM), adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of various cells are promoted while maintaining the optical properties.

  • Pepsin solubilized Type I collagen derived from porcine tendon is applied and dried under aseptic conditions.
  • The products contribute to the improvement of cell adhesion and extensibility in primary culture.


Ordering Information

Product Storage Cat.No. PKG Size Price  
Collagen Type I Coat, 6-well Plate Room Temp. 4810-010N 20 plates 124.00 Buy
Collagen Type I Coat, 12-well Plate Room Temp. 4815-010 20 plates 162.00 Buy
Collagen Type I Coat, 24-well Plate Room Temp. 4820-010 20 plates 168.00 Buy
Collagen Type I Coat, 96-well Plate Room Temp. 4860-010 20 plates 190.00 Buy
Collagen Type I Coat, 100 mm Dish Room Temp. 4020-010 120 ea 309.00 Buy

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