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Centrifuge Tube Floating Rack "Jellyfish"

2 in 1 -- A centrifuge rack that can also be used as a floater

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Centrifuge Tube Rack
Product Cat.No. Size Price(US$)  
Centrifuge tube floater rack "Jellyfish", 8well (4well each for 15 / 50ml.) 1541-809 1piece 35.00 Buy
Freezer Storage Rack
Product Cat.No. Size Price(US$)  
Freezer Storage Rack, for 50 Microtubes, Red 1577-550R 10pcs/unit 88.00 Buy
Freezer Storage Rack, for 81 Microtubes, Red 1577-850R 10pcs/unit 94.00 Buy
Microtube Stand
Product Cat.No. Size Price(US$)  
Microtube Stand, for 96 tubes "Eco Rack", Yellow 1521-902Y 1piece 6.00 Buy
Microtube Stand, for 20 tubes, Clear 1511-205 10pcs/unit 121.00 Buy
Piccolo Rack
Product Cat.No. Size Price(US$)  
Piccolo Rack, for 24 Screwcap tubes, Clear 1522-2451 10pcs/unit 161.00 Buy
Piccolo Rack, for 24 Micotubes, Clear 1522-2453 10pcs/unit 161.00 Buy