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LeukoCatch II for removal and collection of Leukocytes

You can remove Leukocytes only by filtering. No centrifuge is necessary.

Moreover, you can collect trapped Leukocytes in the filter.


Leukocyte count after filtration by LeukoCatch II

6 out of 20 fields randomly obtained from the microscopic observation of a mouse blood.

LeukoCatchⅡ Q&A

Q. Is it possible to use a whole blood as it is without dilution?

It is possible but filtration time is much longer. Also it causes clog on the porous filter much quicker, thus operation efficincy may drop. It is suggested that a whole blood be diluted 2-3 fold with PBS.


Q. Is it possible to use a animal blood?

A blood from different animals may cause difference in the results. Please try with a sample product first. Our in-house evaluation is conducted with human and mouse bloods.


Q. Is there any tendency in the efficiency of leukocyte removal due to the types or sizes of a leukocyte ?

Basically, the types or sizes do not affect the efficiency and uniform results can be obtained. There is not a case where, for example, only limphecytes are left unremoved.

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Leuko Catch II 10mL, Column Type RT 1883-110LC 5pcs/unit - Inquire