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Microplate Clear Seal for Real-time PCR

Sealing film for PCR plate

This product is recommended for those who:

✓ Want to reduce the cost of disposables
✓ Want to use high quality products
✓ Want to use easy-to-apply products


  • With low autofluorescence and it can be used for PCR and real-time PCR
  • This is pressure bonding type
  • Sterilized with gamma ray
  • Heat resistance temp is -20 to 110 deg C

Performance evaluation


Product details

Super Clean Room

Consistent quality and safety in manufacturing in super clean room

We manufacture products in ISO class 1 super clean room environment, so we deliver products of reliable quality.
Can be used for research purposes with peace of mind.

※ISO class 1 standard: 10 or less pcs of 0.1 um trash in 1 cubic meter

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Microplate clear seal for real-time PCR (100 sheets) RT R-CSC004-01 100 sheets 106.00 Buy
Microplate clear seal for real-time PCR (5 x 100 sheets) RT R-CSC004-02 5 x 100 sheets 473.00 Buy