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iMatrix-511(recombinant laminin-511)

Cell culture substrate / Recombinant human Laminin511-E8 fragment


ECM premix method (WITHOUT PRE-COATING) can be applied to iMatrix-511 and iMatrix-511 silk.

  • Use of feeder-free culture medium
  • Enhanced cell attachment
  • Rapid recovery of cell-cell contacts
  • Simple single cell passaging
  • Optimum cell yield and viability

No pre-coating necessary

Fragments of laminin

Forming highly dense colonies


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Expressed by CHO-S Cell
Product Cat.No. Storage Quantity Price(US$)  
iMatrix-511 892011 4°C 2 x 175 µg 270.00 Buy
iMatrix-511 892012 4°C 6 x 175 µg 690.00 Buy
Easy iMatrix-511; ready-to-use for uncoated manner 892018 4°C 100 ML 125.00 Buy
Expressed by transgenic silkworm cocoon
Product Cat.No. Storage Quantity Price(US$)  
iMatrix-511 silk 892021 4°C 6 x 175 µg 360.00 Buy
Easy iMatrix-511 silk; ready-to-use for uncoated manner 892024 4°C 100 ML 100.00 Buy