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RIPA Buffer

Cell Lysis Solution

RIPA Buffer is a ready-to-use solution containing a variety of surfactants and protease inhibitors. Proteins lysed with RIPA Buffer can be used in western blotting, ELISA or immunoprecipitation testing regimes.

  • Ready-to-use
  • Contains protease inhibitors
  • Unmixes SDS solution for immunoprecipitation
  • Applicable BCA protein assay without buffer exchange






Immunoprecipitation and Western Blot



Western Blot




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Product Detail

Product Name RIPA Buffer RIPA Buffer (10x)
Cat. No. 16488-34 08714-04
Concentrataion 1x (ready to use) 10x
Protease inhibitor Cocktail without with
  • 50mmol/l Tris-HCl buffer(pH7.6)
  • 150mmol/l NaCl
  • 1% Nonidet® P40
  • 0.5% Sodium Deoxycholate
  • 0.1% SDS
【1x solution with SDS】
  • 50mmol/l Tris-HCl buffer(pH7.6)
  • 150mmol/l NaCl
  • 1% Nonidet® P40
  • 0.5% Sodium Deoxycholate
  • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail(1×)
  • (0.1% SDS)
Volume /  Content
100 mL
  • RIPA Buffer(10x): 2ml×5本

  • SDS Solution(1% SDS): 2ml×5本



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