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Packing Materials for Column Chromatography

Open column chromatography is an excellent and easy technique for large-scale preparation and purification at low cost. COSMOSIL offers both normal and reversed phase packing materials based on totally porous spherical silica, which provides higher separation, less pressure and higher reproducibility than irregular silica.

Material Characteristics

Packing Material C18-OPN  C18-PREP SL-II-PREP Silica Gel 60 (neutral)
Silica Gel High Purity Porous Spherical Silica
Average Particle Size 75, 140 µm 40, 75, 140 µm 75, 140 µm 
Average Pore Size approx. 120 Å approx. 60 Å
Specific Surface Area approx. 300 m2 /g approx. 500 m2 /g 
Stationary phase Octadecyl Group None
Carbon content   approx. 19% 0%
End-capping treatment None Treated - -
Useful range      Open column chromatography / Flash column chromatography
  Reversed phase chromatography   Normal phase chromatography

Selection Guide

Reversed Phase Normal Phase
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