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Open column chromatography is an excellent and easy technique for large scale preparation and purification at low cost. Reversed phase C18 packing materials are used but restricted to about 30-50% water in the mobile phase. The COSMOSIL C18-OPN is a new "Water-Wet" C18 packing material developed for Reversed Phase Open Column Chromatography. The C18-OPN material can be used in 100% aqueous eluents.





C18 packing materials in 100% water Normal C18 materials float on water




Surface of the C18-OPN Gel

The external surface of the C18-OPN gel is coated with hydrophilic groups.

Separation of Theobromine and Theophylline

Effect of particle size

Effect of particle size
Particle (um) Flow rate (ml/min) Theoretical plate number Rs Separation time(min) Consumption of solvent (ml)
75 0.25 400 390 340 1.00 1.74 240 60
140 0.60 300 280 260 0.90 1.40 100 60

Influence of Particle Size

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