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StemFit® Basic Series by Ajinomoto: iPS/ES Cell Culture Media

High-Performance iPS / ES Cell Culture Media for Basic and Clinical Research

 StemFit®Basic02, Basic03, and Basic04 are capable of reprogramming, maintaining and differentiating human iPS and ES cells under feeder-free culture conditions.


  • Weekend-free feeding
  • Enabling single cell cloning
  • Providing high colony forming efficiency
  • Achieving high cost efficiency


Nakagawa, M. et al. (2014). A novel efficient feeder-free culture system for the derivation of human induced pluripotent stem cells. Scientific Reports 4, Article number: 3594.

Materials provided




Liquid A

400 ml

Store at below -20 °C

Liquid B

100 ml

Store at below -20 °C

Note: This product does not contain basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)

Media preparation

StemFit®Basic02 and Basic03 are provided frozen as a 2 component set containing “Liquid A” and “Liquid B” and can be stored at below -20 °C until use. Use sterile techniques to prepare StemFit® medium.

  1. Before use, thaw the frozen medium supplements at room temperature or overnight at 2-8 °C. Do not thaw the frozen supplements at 37 °C, as it accelerates the degradation of medium ingredients.
  2. Aseptically mix medium components by adding the full volume of “Liquid B” to “Liquid A”. Mix thoroughly. If prepared aseptically, StemFit® is ready for use.
  3. Upon thawing, StemFit®Basic02 medium may be aseptically aliquoted and stored at below -20 °C. Thawed StemFit® may be stored at 2-8 °C for up to two weeks.
    Optional: We recommend storing the medium protected from light
  4. Before use, warm aliquots to room temperature and use immediately.

Highly stable and reproducible feeder-free culture system

Cells : Human iPS cell line 201B7 (seeding density listed in each experiment)

Surface: iMatrix-511

Medium: StemFit®Basic02

Passage technique: Single cell passaging with cell scraping, 0.5x TrypLE Select/EDTA

Easy transition from feeder-dependent to feeder-free culture

Feeder-dependent 201B7 iPSCs were transitioned to feeder-free conditions using respective cell adhesion substrates and seeded in StemFit®.

Superior performance

  • Superior growth performance on any matrices

  • Superior colony-forming efficiency from a single cell clone


Precaution and disclaimer

StemFit®Basic02 is for research use only and is not for diagnostic use, therapeutic use (including clinical research), or as a food. This product contains material derived from human plasma. Therefore, this product should be treated as potentially infectious agents and in accordance with universal handling procedures.


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