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Application : Cannabinoids Analysis

Small Molecules Separation

Cannabinoids Analysis

Roughly 80 cannabinoids, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) is the primary psychoactive molecule found in cannabis plants. Δ8-THC is an isobaric isomer of Δ9-THC that differs by the position of a double bond.  It has lower psychoactive potency, more chemically stable, and potentially better medicinal properties than Δ9-THC.  Cannabinol (CBN) is used to monitor the freshness of the sample since Δ9-THC easily oxidizes to CBN.  Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactive activity but it has many potent medicinal properties. 


Cannabinoid Potency HPLC Analysis

For more detail about our PBr column click here.


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Cannabinoid Mixture Separation

Columns:         COSMOCORE Cholester vs. a popular-brand C18

Column size:    2.1 mmI.D. x 100mm, 2.6 mm core-shell particles

Mobile phase:  isocratic 35:65      0.1% acetic acid : acetonitrile

Flow rate:         0.4 mL/min

Temperature:    30 °C

Detection:         UV 220 nm

Cholester column has better separation for Δ9-THC and Δ8-THC.

For more detail about our Cholester column click here