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Application Notes / Posters

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Application Notebooks

  • COSMOSIL HILIC Application Notebook contains about 200 chromatograms for the separation of polar compounds using COSMOSIL HILIC column. It also describes how the mobile phase conditions, such as buffer pH and salt concentration influence the separation in HILIC mode.
  • Cholester is a silica-based reversed-phase column using cholesterol as the bonded phase. It has similar hydrophobicity to C18 (ODS) and, with superior stereoselectivity, it is suitable for compounds with similar hydrophobicity but slightly different molecular shape. Designed for ease of use, Cholester can be used under solvent and other analytical conditions identical to ODS. This application notebook includes over 80 applications and 88 literature references, and it features our fully porous and core-shell packing materials.                                    Application image

Applications in accordance with U.S. Pharmacopoeia Methods

Applications of USP Standars using COSMOSIL columns in accordance with the conditon specfied in USP-PF(Pharmacopoeial Forum) online is available.

Application of Substances in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, 15th

Data of drugs using three kinds of C18 columns that are specified in HPLC analysis in Application Data of Substances in Japanese Pharmacopoeia, 15th version is available.