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CellHD-256: 3D Hanging Drop Spheroid Cell Culture Chip

3D Hanging Drop Spheroid Cell Culture Chip

CellHD-256 is a hanging drop chip-based microfluidic technology for high-throughput and uniform production of 3D cell spheroids. It not only provides a high throughput-256 culture drops for spheroid cells in one chip at the same time but also uses less medium during culturing period. Let CellHD-256 help your 3D culture easier and lower cost.

 CellHD-256 can be used for
  • Drug Testing
  • Organoid 3D Culture
  • Therapeutics of tissue regeneration


CellHD-256 uses the hydraulic difference to form hanging drops. Due to the gravity effect, the cells will concentrate at the bottom of the drop and begin to form spheroid.

Features & Benefits

  • High throughput: 256 wells on a chip
  • Easy medium exchange: Only one pipet is needed
  • High-resolution observation
  • Better ability to generate uniform spheroids
  • Less consuming of medium

Reference videos

1. Load Cells

2. Wash out Cells

3. Set the Chip into a Culture Dish

4. Exchange Medium

5. Harvest


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