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Blocking Reagent: Blocking One Histo

for Immunohistochemistry Application

Blocking One Histo is a blocking buffer to prevent non-specific binding of antibodies in immunohistochemistry (IHC).

  • Easy-to-use: eye-drop bottle
  • Confirmed: Can be used for immunofluorescence staining
  • Safe: the preservative does not affect the activity of alkaline phosphatase or horseradish peroxidase.

Comparison of blocking efficient with 10% Goat Serum (Immunofluorescence)

In both panels, mouse small intestine tissue section was stained with secondary antibody conjugated with CF™ 488A (green) and counter stained with DAPI (blue). In the panel B with 10% Goat Serum, the stained white arrow along the lines of shape of small intestine show non-specific staining. Blocking One Histo is more effective at reducing non-specific background staining than normal serum.

Application data

A: Mouse small intestine (PCNA) x5
B: Mouse epididymis (Vimentin) x25
C: Mouse brain (GluR) x100

Blocking treatment of each tissue section had been performed by Blocking One Histo. Mouse small intestine (panel A) was stained with anti-PCNA and DAB (3,3'-Diamino Benzidine) to stain nuclear (black arrow), Mouse epididymis (panel B) was stained with anti-Vimentin and DAB to stain nuscle (black arrow), Mouse brain (panel C) was stained with anti-GluR and DAB to stain membrane proteins (black arrow) and counter stained with hematoxylin.