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Blocking Reagent for Immunoassays: Blocking One

Blocking Reagents / for WB and ELISA

Blocking is indispensable in immunoassays in order to block non-specific binding reactions. Blocking One contains both high molecular weight compounds and bovine serum protein. Blocking One is superior to conventional blocking solutions. The preservative in Blocking One does not affect the enzyme activity of peroxidase (POD) or alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Only simple refrigerator storage is necessary, even after opening the bottle.

Fast: in many assays a reduction of incubation time for blocking can be realized

Ready-to-use solution: simple storage in refrigerator even after opening the bottle

Comparison of blocking efficiency

The relationship between the reaction time and the blocking efficiency in microplate assay. In comparison with other products, Blocking One shows the fastest dynamics.

Detection of Mouse IgG (H+L) by Western Blotting

Incubation time for blocking is 20 mins.

M:  Biotinylated Protein Marker
(1): Mouse Serum 2.5 ul
(2): Mouse Serum 5 ul
(3): Mouse Serum 10 ul

Mouse IgG (H+L) in Mouse Serum
detected with Biotinylated anti Mouse IgG (H+L)

Very little background occurs, indicating exceptional blocking performance.


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