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WEP-MN Vertical Electrophoresis Cell

For Bullet PAGE Precast Gel / Not Compatible to others

WEP-MN Vertical Electrophoresis Cell is specifically designed for running the Bullet PAGE Plus Precast Gel. The cell is made of durable polycarbonate and tolerates high voltage running conditions for ultra-high speed electrophoresis. WEP-MN Vertical Electrophoresis Cell is designed to meet EMC Regulation, the international safety standard. Since the current enters the cell through the lid assembly, the electrical connection to the cell is automatically broken when the lid is removed.

Number of gels per run Up to 2 gels
Gel cassette size 100 × 80mm
Overall Dimentions 134 × 84 × 140 mm (L × W × H)
Upper buffer tank capacity 180 ml *
Lower buffer tank capacity 550 ml *
Material Polycarbonate
Weight 2 kg
Maximum voltage limit 600 V
Maximum power limit 200 W
Maximum Operating temperature 40°C

*Less volume of buffer in lower tank may cause cracking of glass cassettes.

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