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CosmoPAGE WB Ladder

Western Marker / One tube, ready-to-use


CosmoPAGE WB Ladder is a ready-to-use mixture with ten IgG-binding proteins covering a wide range of molecular weights from 15 to 200 kDa in Tris- Glycine buffer. CosmoPAGE WB Ladder performs dual functions. First, it contains 4 pre-stained proteins (10, 25, 45 and 70 kDa) for monitoring protein separation during SDS- PAGE, verification of Western transfer efficiency on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or nylon) and for approximating the protein size. Second, ten IgG- binding proteins can be immuno-detected on film or by CCD imaging. CosmoPAGE WB Ladder is compatible for chemiluminescent, fluorescent, chromogenic or other detection systems. In addition, CosmoPAGE WB Ladder has two reference bands with enhanced intensity (at 30 kDa and 80 kDa).

This product is supplied in gel loading buffer and is ready to use. Do NOT heat, dilute, or add reducing agents before loading.


  • 4 prestained proteins for clear visualization during electrophoresis and Western blotting transfer
  • 10 IgG-binding proteins for visualization on Western blots
  • Wide range size estimation (10-200 kDa)
  • Two enhanced bands (30 and 80 kDa)

Usage Recommendation

  • 1.5~2.5 μl per well for two-step Western blot using 1st Ab followed with 2nd Ab conjugated with reporter enzymes
  • 2.5~5 μl per well for one-step Western blot using 1st Ab conjugated with reporter enzymes
  • Apply more for thicker (> 1.5 mm) or larger gel


Recombinant IgG binding proteins, Glycerol and SDS. 

Quality Control

Under suggested conditions, the CosmoPAGE WB Ladder resolves 4 prestained bands on the membrane and 10 bands after secondary antibodies binding followed by chemiluminescent detection. 


Store at 4°C for 3 months
Store at -20°C for 24 months


The apparent molecular weight (kDa) of each prestained protein has been determined by calibration against an unstained protein standard; supplemental data should be considered for more accurate adjustments in different electrophoresis conditions.

Guide for Molecular Weight Estimation

Migration patterns and approximate molecular weight (kDa) of prestained bands.

Band Tris-Glycine Bis-Tris Color
1 70 61 62 Pink
2 45 41 42 Blue
3 25 22 23 Green
4 10 9 10 Blue

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