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Rapid Running Buffer Solution (20x)

Fast SDS-PAGE Running Buffer


  • Fast Run Time: Running mini-gel in 25 minutes
  • Easy to Use: Premixed (20x) buffer Just replace the Laemmli running buffer with Rapid Running Buffer
  • Wide-Range Separation: Gradient gel-like separation on a single percentage gel



Performance Comparison with Conventional Running Buffer

Running Time

Running time can be reduced about 50% by using Rapid Running Buffer.

Band Migration Pattern

Rapid Running Buffer / Laemmli Running Buffer

Gels run at 250V for 23 minutes using either Rapid Running Buffer or traditional Laemmli Running Buffer.

Band Migration Patterns on 6%, 8% and 10% gels

Gel %6%8%
Running BufferRapid RunningLaemmliRapid RunningLaemmli
Gel Image
Gel %10%
Running BufferRapid RunningLaemmli
Gel Image

Application (YouTube)


  • Rapid Running Buffer is specifically designed for SDS-PAGE (Laemmli method) and cannot be used for Native-PAGE.
  • It may not work with some commercial precast gels. Preliminary test is recommended for using commercial precast gels.

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