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Rapid Running Buffer Solution (20x)

Fast SDS-PAGE Running Buffer


  • Fast Run Time: Running mini-gel in 25 minutes
  • Easy to Use: Premixed (20x) buffer Just replace the Laemmli running buffer with Rapid Running Buffer
  • Wide-Range Separation: Gradient gel-like separation on a single percentage gel

*Rapid Running Buffer is specifically designed for SDS-PAGE (Laemmli method) and cannot be used for Native-PAGE.

*It may not work with some commercial precast gels. Preliminary test is recommended for using commercial precast gels.

Performance Comparison with Conventional Running Buffer

Running Time

Running time can be reduced about 50% by using Rapid Running Buffer.

Band Migration Pattern

Rapid Running Buffer / Laemmli Running Buffer

Gels run at 250V for 23 minutes using either Rapid Running Buffer or traditional Laemmli Running Buffer.

Band Migration Patterns on 6%, 8% and 10% gels

Gel %6%8%
Running BufferRapid RunningLaemmliRapid RunningLaemmli
Gel Image
Gel %10%
Running BufferRapid RunningLaemmli
Gel Image

Application (YouTube)

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