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His-Detect In-Gel Stain

Staining His-tagged fusion proteins

His-Detect In-Gel Stain is a ready-to-use staining reagent for visualizing His-tagged fusion protein directly in a polyacrylamide gel.


- Stain His-tagged fusion proteins directly in gels without western blotting
- Detect picomolar level of His-tagged fusion proteins within an hour
- No fluorescent image analyzer or transilluminator required

Application Data: Comparison with Western Blotting


Western blotting

Primary antibody : Anti-6xHis (Cat. No.: 04428)
Secondary antibody : Anti-Mouse IgG (Goat), HRP-conjugate (SantaCruz, Cat. No.: SC-2005)
Chemiluminescence detection : Chemi-Lumi One L (Cat. No.: 07880)
Colorimetric detection : Peroxidase Stain Kit (Cat. No.: 26652)
Lane 1  Prestained Protein Markers (Broad Range) (Cat. No.: 02525)
Lane 2  Protein Markers (Biotinylated) (Cat. No.: 02886)
Lane 3-6   Dilution series (x1/1, x1/2, x1/3, x1/4, respectively) of DHFR-His expression in E.coli Lysate

  * For detection of Protein Markers (Biotinylated), Streptavidin Horseradish Peroxidase Conjugate (Cat. No.: 02517) is used.

Procedure comparison

Using His-Detect In-Gel Stain vs. conventional western blotting

  His-Detect In-Gel Stain Western Blotting
Number of steps
(except washing)
1 steps
5 steps
     1. Transfer
     2. Blocking
     3. Primary Ab reaction
     4. Secondary Ab reaction
     5. Detection
Time 60 min. or less 300 min. or more

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