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Chemi-Lumi One L

Picogram Sensitivity Substrate for HRP / Economical - costs much less than other ECL substrate


  • Picogram sensitivity - better signal than GE ECL Substrate
  • Economical - costs much less than other ECL substrates
  • Long light emission

Comparison of sensitivity and duration

Chemi-Lumi One L has more sensitive and longer signal duration than GE ECL Substrate. Western blot of identical biotinylated samples probed with respective streptavidin-HRP conjugates. The membranes were incubated with substrate that was prepared according to the manufacturers' instructions.
Lane1: 1: 50 dilution Lane3: 1: 200
Lane2: 1: 100 dilution Lane4: 1: 400

Comparison of price

CompanyNacalai USA, Inc.GE Healthcare Life Science
Item Chemi-Lumi One L Amersham ECL™
Price $190 $253
Cat. No. 07880-70 RPN2106
Quantity For 4,000 cm² membrane For 4,000 cm² membrane

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Chemi-Lumi One L Luminol 250 mL, Peroxide 250 mL Sufficient substrate for 4,000 cm² of blotting membrane 07880-70 4°C 1 kit 190.00 Buy